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What does it mean to be a Deadbeat Dad?

What's the Definition of a Deadbeat Dad?

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What is a Deadbeat Dad?

• It is a term that no man should be proud of.
• It refers to a father who refuses to support one’s children financially even in the presence of a court order.
• He isn’t even guilty of his actions.
• He is a father who will do everything he can to prevent his income from going to his children.
• He is a person who still acts like a single guy with no kids to feed.
• Deadbeat dad is a term that is usually heard in US child support enforcement agencies.

Who Can Be Exempted From the Deadbeat Dad Label?

• Fathers who make effort to see their children even during weekends and even if they are unable to support them financially.
• Fathers who make those necessary payments even if those payments don’t reach the dictated amount.
• Fathers who are jobless but would want to support their child financially.

Child Support Enforcement in the US

The 1992 precedent of the state of California encouraged the whole country to implement a national policy in 1996 stating that all businesses having more than 4 employees are required to ask their workers of their respective social security numbers. In fact, a comprehensive list of all the deadbeat dads in the country can easily be found over the World Wide Web. Moreover, several states hold state tax refunds and suspend the driving licenses of these ruthless individuals for them to give their children what they deserve.

A deadbeat dad simply has no escape if he lives in the United States of America. It doesn’t matter if he has a high position in the society or not. If he chooses not to comply with the rules set by the court, then he is expected to suffer the consequences.

To not provide for your child. To not pay child support. To not see your child. To not ever even meet your child. To pon your child off on someone else or itself to take care of. To not pay attention to your child. To abuse your child

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