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What does it mean when someone says "Hot" vs. "Cute"?

What's the difference when someone says "Hot" versus "Cute" and vice versa?

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Cute and hot are two words that are used to describe people based on their physical characteristics as well as personal traits. A cute person is always deemed as innocent yet outgoing and quite a next-door type of a person. Imperfections are very visible either physically or emotionally but the “cuteness” of that person covers it all up, making it worthy to land in a nice relationship. He or she is always an average person with a little twist of attractiveness. A hot person is someone who is more of a supermodel/porn star aura. He or she is a person that shows risks and you would often find that person in bars or clubs. A perfect skin, body, and accessories scream for a hot person. Perfection especially on the physical aspect is what a person is seeking for that is why being hot doesn’t always mean getting into long-term relationships.

Personality wise, a cute person is conservative, loves to stay at home or school, and oftentimes taken seriously with the opposite sex. He or she is someone worth keeping and worth meeting with your parents. That person is worthy of long-term relationships because he or she doesn’t need high maintenance, probably understanding and can do well with different situations. A cute person can accept imperfections and often does not linger on physical aspects of the opposite sex.

Hot person on the other hand may tend to be contented on hookups, flings, short dates, and open relationships. He or she may value self more than others because that person may always think of the physical aspect or financial perhaps. They are often associated with low morals and may be judge because of their slutty appearance.

We have to remember that these two descriptions are not applicable to all. How we describe a person may also affect to whom we describe the person to. Similarly, not all “cute” people are worthy of long-term relationships and not all “hot” people are slutty. It depends on how we bring ourselves in the society that defines each and everyone of us accordingly.

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