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How can I stop looking at my Ex's Facebook Page?

How do I stop looking at my Ex's Facebook profile?

2 Answers

To completely stop getting the urge to look at his facebook page you could just Un-Friend your Ex completely. However, if that's too drastic and you want to remain facebook friends, then the next step would be to block your ex (or Unsubscribe from your ex's status updates) from showing up in your Wall feed. That way when your ex posts something on facebook, you won't see it show up in your New feed, and thus won't get the urge to look at their Facebook profile.

^^^Jessica, that hasn't worked for me at all. She's in the bottom left of my top 8 friends box, as well as reguarly showing up on the top 6, and her icon shows in the chat box on my facebook timelineprofile.
resist, resist, resist. It will get easier. –  abc  May 3rd, 2012 at 1:48 AM

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