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What is the differences between Marriage vs. Civil Union?

What Makes Marriage Different From Civil Union?

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What is Marriage?

• It is a union that can only happen between a man and a woman. Thus, if you are in a same sex relationship, then you are advised to undergo civil union instead.
• It is an arrangement which is recognized in all countries. Thus, no matter where you go, you will remain bound to your partner. Marrying another person while you are still legally married to your spouse can be a ground for adultery.
• Maximum benefits and legal protection are provided to couples who are married. One of these benefits is that a husband is able to sponsor his spouse for immigration.
• Tax breaks, particular tax protection and joint tax returns can also be experienced by married couples.
• If one of the couple dies within the course of the marriage, then the surviving partner would certainly inherit the assets of his or her deceased beloved.

What is Civil Union?

• It is a union of two people which lacks the legal rights that can be found in a marriage.
• Maximum federal benefits are not given to couples who have this kind of arrangement.
• Tax breaks, particular tax protection, joint tax returns and immigration benefits are also not provided in a civil union. Marriage is still the best way for you and your partner to acquire all of this perks.
• It is not applicable in all states. Thus, if you plan to move to a different state which doesn’t recognize civil union, then you won’t be considered legally tied to your partner in that particular state.
• Legal inheritance is not applicable in a civil union. Thus, if you want to acquire the properties of your spouse after an unexpected death, then you are advised to get married in the first place for financial security.

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