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What does a Drama Queen mean?

What is the personality of a Drama Queen?

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We have all heard of a Drama Queen at some point in our life. However, what is the exact meaning? Well, as you know a natural part of life is dealing with conflicts and or disappointments. This can actually go further with someone who is a Drama Queen. Someone with this personality can actually have irrational behaviors towards these times in their life. The ones who suffer from this are the ones who have a demanding personality.

Exact Definition:

Drama Queen- Someone who is self-centered. They consider everyone else’s feelings and needs not as in need as theirs. They depend on others to tend to their every need. A drama queen will over react to every problem even a small one!

Many people don’t think too highly of drama queens. In fact, most people try to avoid them. Nobody would ever want to be the one to break some news to a drama queen. A drama queen can be very outgoing and also referred to as a diva. A drama queen can be very jealous of others. Either a drama queen likes you or doesn’t. She will not put up with you if she doesn’t.

Parents have a hard time dealing with a drama queen. This can be especially hard if there are other siblings in the household. This is because of the jealousy factor and as you know, the drama queen needs all attention on them. There is something about a drama queen that makes them have such a manipulative personality.

Adult life:

Yes, drama queens can even go into adulthood having this personality. At their workplace, nobody wants to confront them. The drama queen may not have a lot of friends and this is due to people not trusting her with information. Also, not to mention a drama queen often lashes out at others irrationally so it makes it hard for any relationship to develop.

In reference to this article, the reason it kept stating ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ was because a drama queen is usually a girl. There is such a thing as a drama king but not often. Someone who has this type of personality could actually really have a personality disorder and should really seek help from a professional. Jokes aside that people make, this can be really serious.

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