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What does an Alpha Male mean?

Alpha Male Explained. What is the meaning of an Alpha Male?

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An alpha male is defined as a dominant and assertive leader in a group of animals. All other animals within that society look to the alpha male for protection and guidance. The alpha male is essentially the leader in a pack. Alpha females also exist in animal groups and serve as the leader of the females as well as lower level males.

In the context of human societies, the alpha male can be defined in many different ways. More often than not, the alpha male is used to describe a man who is charming, smart, strong, and attractive to the opposite sex. Among other men, the alpha male is generally envied for having a large female selection to choose from. In high school athletes generate more attention therefore are considered the alpha male, whereas beta males are those who do not partake in traditional male interests.

Traditionally beta males within a high school context are those less desired by girls. They are often referred to as nerds or geeks and do not draw much attention from the ladies. In a recent trend however, beta males are becoming more accepted and well-liked. It is believed that beta males make for better male partners and are overall more considerate to females. In contrast, alpha males sometime display extremely masculine behavior which can be off-putting.

As adults and within an office environment, the alpha male is well respected through his leadership qualities. He radiates confidence but can be demanding. Moreover any attempt to dethrone the alpha male can be met with resistance as it is important for alpha males to remain at the top. Unlike animals however, humans do not battle physically to maintain their position, but rather they use stern language or cunning behavior.

Leaders are needed in all situations, especially in a work environment. Yet some alpha male qualities are not always welcomed and do not entice a welcoming atmosphere. For some, a beta status is preferred. This allows for leadership qualities through communicative and interpersonal skills. This tactic allows powers to be understated and therefore less threatening.

It is questionable as to whether alpha males are able to retain solid and fruitful relationships. Oftentimes, characteristics that normally belong to beta males are required in order for compromise and sensitivity within relationships. Without these qualities alpha males tend not to have long lasting relationships as they swing from woman to woman without any longevity.

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