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What kind of Affect does a Breakup have on the Brain?

How is the Brain affected by a relationship breakup?

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Amazingly, a breakup in a relationship affects the same areas in the brain as one would experience if they were physically burned. So a breakup is like touching a hot stove in your brain.

Not only that but the brain also experience withdrawal similar to what one experiences from a withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Basically, the same areas of the brain that are associated with rewards, addiction cravings and physical pain are activated during a breakup as during withdrawal from an addictive substance.

Going through a breakup can re-wire your brain. Essentially, during the breakup and grieving process, the synapses and dendrites of the brain may actually retract and reform into new patterns.

With that said, sadness that one experiences over a breakup does appear to be neurologically different from other kinds of depression or grief. While there are similar parts of the brain that are activated during a breakup as is during a period of depression, there also several different parts of the brain that are activated as well.

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