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What Makes a Pan Sexual Different From a Bi Sexual?

What's the difference between Pan Sexual Different versus a Bi Sexual?

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Who are Pan Sexual People?

• They are individuals who can be attracted with transsexuals, androgynous, the third-gender, inter sex, males and females. Thus, if you are having the same emotion towards the set of people previously mentioned, then you are certainly a pan sexual.
• They fully express who they really are. They are not afraid to be judged by other people. They recognize the various sexual orientations which are present all over the world.
• Actually, these people are bisexual yet they are more aware of the existence of the third sex.

Who are Bisexual People?

• They are individuals who can passionately be in love with a man and a woman only. However, they are open to the idea of becoming a pan sexual.
• They are willing to have meaningful relationships with both sexes.
• Nevertheless, they have the tendency to prefer one gender over the other.
• The term bi sexual is more popular than pan sexual. Thus, many people state that they are bi sexual without even knowing its exact definition.


• The pansexual and bisexual groups have their respective beliefs, colors and flags. Thus, it would be best for you to be familiar with these things for you to completely distinguish the 2 communities.
• The way you perceive yourself will determine whether you’re a pan sexual or a bisexual. Don’t let the definitions stated in this article dictate you as to which group you should belong. Learn to listen to your heart and you would soon know the answer.
• When you already know who you really are, then there’s no turning back. You should stick to your sexual group because you can never be a pan sexual once you have already decided that you are a bisexual or vice versa.

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