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What's a good gift to give my girlfriend for her birthday?

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Here are some gift ideas for your girlfriend:
- try to think of something memorable to give her... something that will be personal to you and her... think unique!
- think original and sentimental... hand made painting
- hand crafted art... or artwork
- women always love chocolate...
- A necklace
- A bracelet
- Earrings
- A book, think about your girlfriend and what she's into
- Tickets to a concert, broadway show or play that you can take her too
- Write her a sincere lettter
- flowers, with card
- Massage / Spa gift certificate
- Make a scrapbook of pictures and memories of the two of you

If you want to find a cool handmade gift for your girlfriend or get ideas for a gift go to It's well worth checking out, since there are a lot of unique things that your girlfriend will probably like.

Taking your girlfriend on a trip somewhere for her birthday is also a good present for those who are older. It could be just for the weekend, or a longer trip to a farther away destination. Experiences last a lifetime, and help build a lasting foundation.

Something from the heart.Like dinner,flowers,a necklace etc.

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