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How do I get a boyfriend?

No guy at my school likes me. All of my friends have bf's, they tease me about it and rub it in my face. I need some tips on how to get guys to like me.

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Jus be urself but flirt wiv the boys
sum boys lyk bad girls so try mking ur self look lyk a bad ass
if not den jus be urself
watever u do dont try n change urslef completely

I'f people don't seem to like you for who you are, thats okay.
Don't change yourself. Most boys haven't really seen the real you
and they might really like the real you. Be more friendly or warm
to new faces or old friends, or the people you know but don't
really interact with them. I'm sure there is someone out there for you!

just be your self. If they still dont like u just move on to a different guy. Most guys like girls who act like a badass. If being a badass works congratulations. Just dont change anything or keep it different.

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