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Did I imagine a connection?

When we first met, he would always reach out and make small talk (in person). As time went on, we had a few amazing conversations but nothing to raise any eyebrows. When sending email or chat, I'm lucky to get a few short words, if he replies at all. He has helped me a lot with little things but I never find out until it's from someone else. He's always going to bat for me. When I walk in and he's around others, he acts indifferent or disappears. When I actully get him alone or on the phone, it is almost undeniable. He says things that catch me off guard or he seems to bump into me a lot. I am completely and utterly confused by his behavior. Are men in their 40's still playing the indifferent game? I have thoroughly enjoyed our few conversations and he has commented he has as well. I'm not trying to get with him but I would like to get to know him better and possibly be friends. We have a lot in common and I think we could be amazing friends. Are men against the

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