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Can anyone understand what this guy is doing here, is it a test, does he want me to care?!?

Okay, so me and this guy sorta have a close relationship except we're not going out, but that doesn't matter, so anyway, we argued and fell out, and he blocked me on fb saying that he didnt ever want to speak again because he had had enough of arguments...however, he then proceeded to spend the rest of the night texting me where we pretty much continued the argument, to which he said "Exactly my point..." (about always arguing).

Now, this guy is really bad at texting, he might respond to a text like 3 days late and he does this continuously with all his friends, so... my question is, what do you make of this guy texting me continuously after saying we were "totally over and not speaking again" despite the fact that normally his texting is rediculous slow?

& When I say slow, he is REALLY bad at it, but on this night we must have sent about 30-40 texts and that is incredibly rare for what is he playing at?!

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In response to... "what do you make of this guy texting me continuously after saying we were "totally over and not speaking again"

I think he is a bit confused and needed to work things out in his head before completely shutting you out of his life on FB. He obviously cares about you, or he wouldn't have tried working things out via text. However, it does seem almost for the best that you are taking a breather from each other, especially if you two were arguing all the time. That's not healthy no matter how much you care for each other.

If I was you, I would try to start moving on from him, then see if he comes back to you. If the guy truly likes you he will find a way back in your life, if you let him and give him the right signals. Going through something like this is never easy, but it's sometimes for the best.

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