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How is a Friend Different From an Acquaintance?

What Makes a Friend Different From an Acquaintance?

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How do you distinguish a friend from an acquaintance? Well, let this article show you how.

Who are your friends?

• Your friends are the people whom you can pour your heart to. You can interact with them without being afraid of showing the real you.
• Talking with your friend occasionally doesn’t make him or her less of a friend. As long as your friend makes an effort to check up on you from time to time, then you can say that you have a lasting friendship right there.
• Friends go an extra mile to see you and they would never mind doing so.
• They are people who are willing to give you favors and who can ask favors confidently from you.
• Friends would be there for you through good times and bad times. You can totally rely on them to cheer your spirits up and celebrate your life’s greatest moments.
• They support all of your hobbies and interests. They would never stop you from doing the things that you love.

Who are your acquaintances?

• Your acquaintances are those individuals whom you have superficial conversations with. You may get to see them on a regular basis and they may be your officemates but your conversations just don’t go deeper than they are.
• Your acquaintances don’t need you. Thus, they won’t make an effort just to chit chat with you.
• Acquaintances can ask your help but you can’t expect them to help you when you’re in trouble. They can care less of your situation.
• Acquaintances are simply people you hang out with. You are not emotionally attached to these people.
• They are people who can leave you when you don’t own the spotlight. Thus, be careful in turning your acquaintances into your friends.

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