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How can you tell the difference between Love vs. Infatuation?

Confusion of Love over Infatuation

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Love and infatuation are feelings wherein people always have as they grow and learn to make relationships with each other. Love and infatuation are feelings that are often mistaken as the same. True that one often mistakes infatuation as love because of the feelings one would felt. Unfortunately, love and infatuation is very different from each other. It is true that both can make us happy, but the other entails sacrifice if necessary while the other seeks only self gratification.

Love is a very deep word and it makes us happy when we love but there are times that sacrifices are needed for the ones we love. Love doesn’t mean love to the opposite sex only but to family, friends, and fellowmen as well. Love is a feeling that exceeds physical attraction and it lasts a lifetime. When two people are in love, they would seek a partnership with each other that would allow their relationship and their partners to grow and achieve their goals. Love desires to the happiness of the other.

Infatuation is a happy feeling. Being infatuation makes one person feels that he or she is hopelessly romantic. Unlike love, infatuation is self-centered and entails only the happiness of self. It does not last for a lifetime rather; it only stays for a short time. It is a fleeting moment wherein one person desires another person, usually of the opposite sex. Some would say that infatuation is triggered by hormonal changes. Infatuation often has no basis. Simply a person would just get attracted to another person. There are times wherein a person gets infatuated with someone that he or she doesn’t even know or met.

When relationships are concerned, especially marriages, love must be there. If couples only get attracted to each other’s physical attributes such as beauty, then marriage won’t last long, simply because the couples are just infatuated to each other. Their feelings will just fade.

Both run in our mind and we mix them, but with time we have answers about these feelings.

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