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What makes a "Bad Boy" so attractive to beautiful women?

What do bad boys do that women find so attractive?

2 Answers

The top 3 characteristics so many women have said they were attracted to in the "right" kind of bad boy were:




More specifically...

-- A bad boy doesn't act like he cares at all what a beautiful woman thinks of him. (This drives attractive women nuts!)

-- A bad boy is always teasing a woman. Messing with her without seriously hurting her feelings.

-- A bad boy doesn't return her phone calls when she thinks he will, and he doesn't always call when he says he will. (The suspense is a killer... it makes these woman obsess about a guy.)

-- A bad boy isn't always available to hang out when and where she wants him to.

-- A bad boy makes it VERY hard to tell if he likes a woman or not, and how much.

-- A bad boy says and does things she doesn't expect, at times she doesn't expect it.

A bad boy has a police record and has a scheduled time to be out of jail/ prison.
Easy way to keep track of him & do what you want in the meantime.
If he ever does hit it rich, you'll be in luck-
but you keep your options open & play the field while he's away.
Kinda like what guys do.
Like women are so innocent...

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