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What are the best ways to Emotionally Support a Pregnant Wife?

Any Good Tips on Supporting Your Pregnant Wife Emotionally?

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Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life. It’s also the most trying, to both husband and wife. I’m sure most husbands are at a loss on what they can do to support their pregnant spouse. Since men don’t experience the inevitable morning sickness, mood swings, weird food cravings and weight gain that their wives will, the best thing they can do is to give emotional support. There are several ways for you to emotionally support your wife during her pregnancy. Here are some suggestions.

Tips on How to Support Your Wife Emotionally

• Learn everything you can about the subject. Two tomes that can give you all the information you need are Becoming a Father: How to Nurture and Enjoy Your Family and The Baby Book, both by respected authors Dr. William and Martha Sears. Both books discuss the role of the father during and after the pregnancy and include several great recommendations on how husbands can support their wives. There are countless books on pregnancy and seeing you reading some of them can help your wife feel more confident about having the baby. It shows that you’re completely on-board and that you too are getting ready for your new role as a father.

• Familiarize yourself with the changes your wife’s body will experience during the pregnancy, as well as how the baby is developing. Most of the time, would be fathers take a passive role during the pregnancy so moms are left bearing all the pressure of handling all the pregnancy stuff. Preparing for the pregnancy together develops a bond that will greatly help a mom to be. But bear in mind that some women don’t really want to know every excruciating detail about being pregnant. Some women don’t care to know how big she might become, what she should be eating or how she should act during this stage of her life. It’s best to just respect your wife’s wishes instead of harping on what’s written in the books.

• Mood swings are the most known, and misunderstood, symbols of pregnancy. Helping your wife weather this storm would be a good way of supporting her. Just comfort her and reassure her that she’s doing great. Show her that you’re there for her. Although, some new mommies prefer to remain independent during pregnancy so the best that you can do is make sure the lines of communication is always open and use her moods as a guide.

• Pregnancy can also be described as one of the most grueling changes a woman will experience that often leaves the soon-to-be mom drained of energy. Husbands can show their support by dealing with more household chores. This is a relatively easy gesture but one that would be deeply appreciated by women who need a break.

• Every pregnant woman looks forward to shopping for the upcoming bundle of joy and you can help by working with her in preparing the nursery. Go shopping with your wife for nursery items or paint and decorate the room yourself. You can even suggest going to a baby register to help your friends and family get you the baby items that you want and need.

• Money is the number one cause of stress for moms-to-be. Every pregnant woman will surely be fretting over the family budget. It’s not just about the delivery costs, but the long term costs as well. The fear is not unfounded, as education, medical expenses and daily child care are becoming more expensive. Support your wife emotionally by coming up with a solid financial plan or another way of padding the family budget.

• Pregnancy is when women need a lot more love and attention. It’s also the time when their insecurities about their attractiveness come to the fore. Husbands should ideally be more attentive and loving. Sexual activity with your wife during pregnancy shouldn’t be avoided, but don’t push it if she’s not comfortable with it. Aside from being a great way for couples to bond, quiet, intimate moments is one way to show emotional support and affirm your love for your wife.

There are numerous ways that a husband can emotionally support his pregnant wife. Being a lover and a sounding board are just two suggestions. Those 9 months that you have before your baby arrives is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship and build on your happiness. Being there for your wife emotionally as well as physically not only helps make you a great husband, but it also prepares you to be a wonderful father.

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