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What makes a guy a mommy’s boy?

How do you define a momma's boy?

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The Characteristics of a Mommy’s Boy

What make a guy a mommy’s boy?

• He helps his mother to the best of his abilities.
• He chooses to live with his mother even if he’s already of legal age.
• He respects his mother above anybody else.
• He asks his mother for insightful advices.
• He would rather spend quality time with his mother over his friends
• He converses with his mother everyday.
• He is extremely close with his mother.

Negative Notions about Being a Mommy’s Boy

• It’s unusual for a man to be so close with his mother.
• The guy’s totally dependent on his mother.
• He is smothered or overly protected by his mother.

What Should You be in a Relationship with a Mommy’s Boy?

• The answer is simple. If he is able to put his mother on a high pedestal, then he is certainly capable of treating you the same way too.

Negative Effects of the Close Mother-Son Relationship on the Guy’s Romantic Partner

• The guy’s girlfriend or wife starts to get jealous with his mother.
• She might despise the mother for knowing everything about her son’s personal relationship.
• She may not like the fact that her boyfriend or husband follows everything that his mother has to say.
• She starts to crave for her partner’s attention.
• She begins to feel ignored for her partner’s world seems to revolve around his mother alone.

Negative Effects on the Guy’s Mother Herself

• Because of the close relationship that she has with her son, she may cause him and his partner to break up because of her constant demand for attention.
• She may tend to be picky with his son’s romantic prospects.
• She starts to judge his partner unreasonably.
• She turns into a green eyed monster too.

Negative Effects on the Mommy’s Boy Himself

• He might just let the two women in his life quarrel one another or he might be oblivious to the whole situation.

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