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Can you define a Serial Monogamist?

Defining a Serial Monogamist

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Serial monogamist can be often portrayed as someone who can never last in a relationship. They have a lot of sexual partners in their lifetime but only one partner at a time. They might look as if they are just playing around but the truth is that they cannot enter into a commitment.
A serial monogamist is afraid to enter into a long-term commitment due to several factors. Bad parenting and role models are one of the biggest factors affecting a person on how to handle relationships. If they see that their parents have bad marriages, they will always have a notion that commitments are not good. They are afraid to take the risk to get emotionally hurt. They don’t like the pressure of being too emotionally attached and commitment is not their priority.

Cultural background can be one factor too. Nowadays, people especially the Westerners often have 3 years in marriage and then they get divorce and marry another person. This is a very common situation and very accepted in the society. If they feel that they are no longer compatible with their partners, then they can go off and marry someone else.

But what exactly is running in the mind of a serial monogamist? Here are some insights to understand these type of individuals. A serial monogamist, whether in a marriage or in a boy/girl relationships is often afraid of commitments as mentioned earlier or cannot handle long-term commitments. Oftentimes they already know the patter of every relationship they enter into and some may even predict when they will break-up with their significant other. Oftentimes, the serial monogamist knows that he or she cannot handle a long-term commitment. It’s not that they chose not to commit, but commitment is something that they feared which leads them to seek out newer partners.

Some people think that a serial monogamist is suffering from a psychological problem and needs the help of experts in the field. Others think that they can change a serial monogamist’s mind thinking that they are “the one” for them. But usually the case is a lot different. Being a serial monogamist can be a choice or not but it is one thing that most people don’t live up with.

Someone who spends as little time as possible being single, moving from the end of one relationship to the beginning of a new relationship. aka MY BROTHER

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