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How Does a Passive-Aggressive Person Act?

Causes of Passive-Aggressiveness?

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Passive-Aggressive is defined the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder but it still needs to be studied and understand further especially when it comes to the issues of heredity and genetic traits of human beings. It often associated with many other symptoms such as depression and anxiety disorders.

How Does a Passive-Aggressive Person Act
A person who is passive-aggressive often has poor relationships with other people because mainly he cannot maintain one. Oftentimes they blame others for the negative effects of any actions which are done by them. They often procrastinate especially at work and proper communication is not their forte. A person experiencing this kind of psychological instability is often unhappy but doesn’t have the nerve to admit it to others and most especially to self. They do not initiate actions but sometimes they would obey commands for the sake of maintaining a suitable relationship.

Common household attitude such as allowing dishes to pile up before washing, waiting to be told to do chores, ignoring communication, and sometimes forgetting task can be a sign of passive-aggression.

The Negative Effects
First and foremost, the negative effect would be the inability to create lasting relationships with a partner, office-mate, and even employers. The person who falls victim of the passive-aggressor would feel manipulated, hurt, betrayed, and grief. Unfortunately, the attitude of a person with passive-aggression would tend to form a cycle and can sometimes be hard to stop.

Theories and Causes
Psychiatrists as well as psychologists explain that genetics often would play a large role in developing this mishap. They also argue that human as we are, all of us has the tendency to conceal the truth in order to protect self from being vulnerable.

Passive-aggressive can be a coping/defense mechanism of a person. The person may feel uneasy and unsure of what he might want to do with his life that is why procrastination would surface. People are always afraid of losing something that is important to them that is why they would try to create a defense mechanism and conceal their need hoping that the thing they hold dear would stay. Other people just don’t know how to solve issues in their lives. But even in their loneliness and grief, people who are passive-aggressive finds pleasure in hurting other’s feelings and even inflicting pain. It can be actually a form of getting even to what they are feeling.

Treating and Avoiding the Disorder
Psychologists believe that human as we are, we can easily adapt. Therefore, people with passive-aggressive disorders can “learn” to adapt and change their bad habit. Therapists would remind patients to use the first person reference which is “I.” Using the word “I” will slowly give them the feeling of responsibility of their actions. It will allow them to express and admit what they are currently thinking. Most of the therapists require patients to regularly write in their journals to open up their minds.

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