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What am i going to do, a friend of mine thinks that i like him? please help me!

a friend of mine thinks that i like him, may it be possible that i actually like him without me really knowing, because of the way i act?? It is confusing because i'm ambigous as much as he is, i can't really know what does he mean exacly or, well i'm not even sure if he knows what i mean... any adivce??

2 Answers

No need to hurry. Be friendly with him and just wait what happens. First you need to find out if you really like him or not. Then it will be easier. If you don't like him, keep a certain distance. If you like him, you can show it, but don't push him.

I agree with Eve. But don't just get into a big does he like me? do I like him? Just follow your heart or tell him what YOU think about him. Positive or not.

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