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Why are some men Womanizers?

How can you spot a Womanizer?

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Some men love the thrill of chasing women that they often flirt with different women and would not find any satisfaction in long-term or serious relationships. Some womanizers are into serious relationships but they are still flirting with other women secretly.

Womanizers are commonly found in bars or public places wherein they can easily catch the eye of different single ladies. They are very confident on how they bring themselves in social areas. They are fashionable and often have sweet words to say. Typically, these men are experts in the language of love. They know the exact words to say and how women will respond. They know what will bring to each woman’s attention.

For a womanizer, a nice, serious relationship does not entice them. For them, it is boring and not adventurous. Once the chase is gone and the woman succumbs to the womanizer, sadly, that man would look for another “prey” and start the chase again, leaving women heartbroken, sad, and sometimes mad. Society, especially women see them as playboys, heartbreakers, players, or walk-away Joes.

Men who love to play this love game are not generally evil or mean. They actually have reasons for their actions. One common reason of being a womanizer is the feeling of being in control of relationships. They love to control what is going on around them and they don’t want to lower their guard. Oftentimes these kinds of men have gone through a painful breakup that they view women as “deserving to be heartbroken.” Some men have negative perceptions on women. They think that women are of lower species that they don’t deserve the kind of love and respect they are searching for. Some men, unfortunately, are still immature enough that they don’t want to settle in a serious relationship and would still love to “play around.” The good thing is, womanizers often found the perfect match for them that they would want to settle in serious, monogamous relationships. Some outgrow this immaturity and move on.

They like to flirt with other girls and make them laugh. For some reason, they try and be lovydovy and like to play around with girls.

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