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How does someone link dating and marriage social media sites to their mobile messenger app?

I am Christian, my husband is Muslim. We live in the US. In our 20+ years of marriage he has promised many times that he has given up the explicit and dating sites. Recently I noticed he is datiIng and wife hunting again. He gets their responses on his mobile messenger. When I ask if he loves me....he lies and says yes. He works for the airlines and travels to various hubs to teach. I noticed he messages with young girls to meet with them. Sadly my husband has given me the HPV virus, for which there is no cure and may transmit it to these woman as well. Even though these people are wrong for what they are doing....I hurt for those who do it because they think he will help them get an airline job....or those who will pass it to their unsuspecting husband or future partners. I once asked him about it...and he said, someone had given it to him. Aside from all this, How do I understand how he is getting these messages...trace them to their origin or dating site? I need to know more.

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