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What is Baking Soda? What is Baking Soda Toothpaste?

What are the uses of Baking Soda?

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What is Baking Soda?

• It is a chemical that balances pH.
• It can be found several living organisms.
• It is an environment friendly chemical that is safe to be used by all animals and human.
• It has the capacity to neutralize and clean any object that has a certain odor or stain.
• It is a natural cleaning agent which either be used commercially or as a baking ingredient.
• It is a cheaper alternative to the standard toothpaste for it can certainly whiten and clean your teeth when applied properly.

What is Baking Soda Toothpaste?

• It is more recommended than toothpastes which consist of silica because this component can never be turned into tinier and more useful pieces. Silica also doesn’t have the capacity to completely eliminate hard stains.
• It can provide you with a fresher breath
• It has the ability to neutralize oral acids.
• It is a toothpaste that is less abrasive.
• It has gentler effects on human teeth which make them whiter.
• It has less harmful ingredients than most commercial toothpastes.
• It has the capacity to reach your teeth’s crevices without harming it.
• Together with regular flossing of one’s teeth, this product can prevent plaque from accumulating in your oral vicinity.

What is Plaque?

• It is a type of tooth bacteria which originates from organic food and particles.
• It results to oral bone and tissue damage, oral acids, serious infections, gum illness and cavities in the long run.
• It can be treated through flossing and brushing one’s teeth with baking soda toothpaste. A reliable mouthwash can also remove the plaque from your mouth and provide you with a fresher breath.

Additional Oral Health Tips

• Quit smoking
• Consume more protein rich foods and fewer sweets.
• Visit your oral doctor twice in the period of 12 months.

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