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How often should you replace a dish pan scrub brush?

How long should you use a dish scrub brush before replacing? I've used the same scrub brush for probably a year, is this too long to use before getting a new one?

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It's probably a good idea to get a new dish scrub brush at least every 6 months, when the bristles start wearing down.

Dish brushes dry out after washing, so they aren't as prone to germs and bacteria as is the case with dish sponges. Don't use sponges to wash dishes, or pots and pans!

To get your dish brushes clean, you can wash in hot water with bleach. Or stick the brush (or sponge) in a bowl of water and put it the microwave for 4 minutes. Alternatively, wash the brush in your dishwasher, as long as the hot water reaches temperatures of 150 degrees or more to kill all bacteria, otherwise bacteria may spread throughout your dishwasher and onto other dishes.  If your dishwasher has a sanitize setting, use that to wash your dish brushes.

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