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Are Cupcakes and Muffins similar?

Are Cupcakes and Muffins the same or different?

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Cupcakes and muffins are popular treats that you can see in bakeshops, parties, and cake houses. These two sweet and delicious treats that are perfect with a cup of coffee, milk, or tea. Some would say cupcakes and muffins are the same, however, these two treats are way different from each other than you can imagine. Their differences spring from how they are being used, their ingredients, and how they are being made.

A muffin is defined as small bread that has more butter and sugar in the ingredient while the cupcakes are actually mini cakes baked in a cup with the same ingredient and baking procedure of a cake. Cupcakes are popularly made with large frosting, making it popular among kids.

Since muffins are made from bread ingredients, they are often regarded as the healthy counterpart of donuts and many other sweet treats. They are often paired with coffee or tea and are often eaten at breakfast. That is why they are popular in coffee shops and bakeries as a healthy treat. Sometimes they are topped with nuts, fruits, and some honey. Unfortunately, nowadays, muffins are baked with high sugar content as well as sprinkled with chocolate chips, thus reducing its credibility as a healthy alternative to sweet treats. The shape of a muffin is unique with a small bottom and an overly large top with a little dressing.

Cupcakes are the sweeter and more sugary counterpart of muffins. They are made from cake ingredients and are baked from a cup, which is why they are called cupcakes. They are a popular treat among children because of their sweetness and their large frostings on top that is sometimes sprinkled with small candies. Their sizes are perfect for children’s parties wherein cake cutting can be too messy. Usually, a cupcake is smaller than muffins and not a healthy treat.

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