How to Save Pictures Embedded in Email - Windows Mail

Save an Embedded Picture with Windows Mail or Outlook Express

Email messages sometimes are sent with images attached, which make saving the images to your computer fairly easy.  However, sometimes the pictures are only embedded within the actual email message without the ability to download any attachments.  This can make it a little more difficult to get these pictures out of Windows Mail or Outlook Express and saved to your computer.

Here's how to save a picture embedded in an email message when using Windows Mail:

  1. Right-click on the embedded image within the email message.
  2. Select Save Picture As... (or Save image as... in Outlook Express) from the menu.
  3. Choose a location on your computer to save the image file.
  4. Click Save.



anonymous by Pete on 6/22/2014
Yes, but is there an application that can automatically save all embedded images without having to right click and SAVE AS.. each image individually?
anonymous by PG on 7/7/2019

This did not work with Mail in Windows 8. Right-clicking produces no Save As menu. What did work was: 1) I saved email as a PDF file, by clicking on More > Print > Foxit Pdf Printer, selecting Legal Extra Size. 2) I opened the pdf in Photoshop, selecting the photo which was on page 3 of the pdf file, at 300 pixels per inch. Then I had the option of editing the pic, or saving as any type of photo file.

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