How to Run on a Treadmill Without Looking at the Mileage you have Left to Run


Constantly looking at the distance that you still need to run on a treadmill can often distract you from reaching your goal. Thus, here is a short guide that would prevent you from being too conscious about the figures in your routine.

1.) If you still don’t have a treadmill, purchase one.  Find treadmils and coupons here: Nordic Track coupons, ProForm coupons, Sole Fitness coupons and LiveStrong coupons.

2.) Have everything ready. This includes your towel, a bottle of water and your complete running outfit of course.

3.) Position yourself on top of the treadmill and set the length and duration of your running exercise.

4.) Begin your routine by walking slowly.

5.) Cover the screen of your treadmill which displays the figures of your exercise. However, just let the control buttons stay uncovered so you can still easily modify them.

6.) Listen to music or podcasts on your iPod or MP3 player.

7.) Just run and run. Don’t mind the time. Increase your speed if you’re up for it. Stop when you hear the treadmill’s beep.

Additional Tips

In the middle of the exercise, you’re expected to feel the tension on your muscles already. However, that’s not a valid reason for you to stop. You can lower down your speed and listen to your music player instead.

You can also watch your favorite movies or music videos from your laptop or from your portable DVD player. These materials would certainly help you to stay on track and finish your routine in no time.



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