How to Lubricate a Treadmill Running Belt and Deck

Steps to lubricating your treadmill walking belt.

Proper maintenance of your treadmill deck is a must. Ignoring to do so will only overwork the motor and bring friction to the deck and running belt of your treadmill. Thus, you must have it lubricated every 180 hours of usage or twice a year. Below are the tips to help you do this step.

1.) First, remove the equipment from its power switch. Lift the treadmill’s belt with use of your fingers for you to get into the deck. You can actually ask someone’s help you hold the belt up while you lubricate the deck.

2.) Have the deck lubricated. Make sure that you get on both sides of the deck. Also, spread the lubricant evenly around the treadmill belt. Read the instructions in the treadmill’s manual if you have to.

3.) Slightly rub in the lubricant but don’t overdo it if you want the chemical to serve its purpose.

4.) Place everything back and switch the treadmill back on.

5.) Have the treadmill run slowly for 5 minutes for the lubricant to spread evenly around the belt even more.



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anonymous by graham smith on 3/18/2013
Our tread mill smells after being used for half hour or so we do use sylicon spray on belt but still happens could you advice us what the problem could be !!!

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