How to Purchase a New Treadmill

Tips to help you buy a new treadmill.
by Updated January 25, 2013

A low economy income doesn’t stop people from purchasing products that would help maintain their overall health. In fact, sales records have shown a steady demand from these items in the first quarter of the year. Well, who can blame them? A convenient gym buddy such as a treadmill in one’s home is something that’s truly hard to resist. However, this equipment doesn’t come cheap. Thus, you need to determine whether you really need a treadmill or not.

Tips to Buying a Treadmill

1.) Determine the treadmill control that you desire. Take note of the speed intervals that the treadmill’s belt can give you. If you want more intervals, than you are recommended to purchase  a more luxurious model. If whole number intervals suit your needs, then you can do with less expensive models.

2.) Take note of the incline settings of the treadmill as well. The same rule applies for this kind of treadmill setting. The more expensive the model is, the more intermediate steps it will have. You also have to determine whether you want these settings to be manual or automatic. With a manual treadmill, you would have to position the equipment yourself so you would have to be ready for that challenge. If you want to modify your incline settings with just a few clicks, then you can choose to have the automatic treadmill instead.  Overall, if you can afford it, buy a treadmill that has an automatic incline that goes up to 15% or more.  You will get a much better workout running on an incline than on a flat treadmill surface.

3.) Consider the treadmill’s course settings too. These settings can be customized, pre programmed, or manually be placed in your treadmill.  For manual course settings, you would have to purchase a cheaper treadmill. If don’t want to waste any of your time manually setting up the course of your equipment, then be prepared to go out of your budget and purchase an expensive model which can give you all the innovative features that you want. This kind of treadmill is also suited for someone who desires to exercise on a unique course everyday. In other words, luxurious models are ideal for people who want more out of their treadmill and who are willing to the price for the equipment of their dreams.

4.) Purchase a treadmill that can give you joint protection if you truly need that feature. Settle for an equipment which has a belt and a track which can all absorb shock. Don’t be afraid of spending a little bit more for this feature simply because it would certainly work out for your benefit.

5.) You can consider buying a treadmill which has Wifi connection or a built in television. A treadmill having virtual tracks would also be beneficial for you if you are someone who wants to run outdoors but doesn’t have the luxury of time to do so.

6.) If you are planning to use your treadmill on a regular basis and for extended hours, then purchase one which has a long period for its warranty. This feature is expensive but it’s truly essential if you want to keep the equipment for the years to come. Just consider your treadmill as a sound investment that would soon help you reach your goals.

7.) Lastly, when buying your treadmill be sure to use coupons to save more on your treadmill purchase.  Find the latest coupons for the top treadmill makers here: Nordic Track coupons, ProForm coupons, Sole Fitness coupons and LiveStrong coupons.



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