How to Repair a Treadmill in Layman's Terms

Steps you can use to fix a treadmill that is now working properly.

Like any other fitness equipment, a treadmill can get damaged over time. So, do you have to immediately buy a new treadmill in this situation? No, you don’t. The first thing that you need to do is to fix your equipment. Now, how do you do that? Well, just follow the steps below for you to be able to get your treadmill back into shape.

1.) Inspect if the equipment has any problem with its power source.

Make sure that the power adaptor has a stable connection with your treadmill. If the internal parts of your equipment are required to be checked for this step, then grab the treadmill’s manual for concrete instructions.

Straighten the power plug’s prongs if they have been distorted or bent.

Connect the treadmill into another outlet. If it runs on the second outlet, then you would have to fix the first one for you to be able to use it again for your equipment.

2.) Remove the equipment from one’s power source.

3.) Next, inspect the treadmill’s motor. If there are error codes on its display then determine the code’s meaning on the equipment’s manual

Get into the interior of the equipment with the use of a screwdriver. Check the connections around the motor. If you know nothing about a treadmill’s interior parts, then you may need the help of a certified technician.

If none of these methods have worked, then you may need to buy a new motor for your treadmill.

4.) Make sure to tighten the motor belt if your experiencing the treadmill belt slipping while running on it.  If you see black chards of plastic on the ground near the motor belt, then you will definitely want to tighten the motor belt. 

5.) Inspect the belt’s speed sensor too. Make sure that it’s connected and clean.

6.) The problem of your equipment can also lie with the treadmill belt. Thus, make sure that it’s free from dirt and debris. Apply a cleaning solution to a towel. Wipe the entire treadmill belt from its top towards its end. Also, make sure that the equipment’s interior is free from any foreign object that may disrupt its excellent performance.

Apply silicone lubricant to the belt to strengthen it and to lessen friction as well.

If the belt has started to position itself on one side of the treadmill, then you would have to pull it back towards the center of the equipment. Make proper adjustments using the specification on your treadmill.  Typically an allen wrench is used to align the treadmill belt, so it doesn't shift to one side or the other. Slanted belts are normal scenarios if you have been using your treadmill for several years. However, let a professional look into your equipment’s belt if it ever has severe problems.

You can always purchase a new belt. Just be certain that it’s the appropriate belt for your equipment.

7.) If all else fails, you can contact a treadmill specialist to come out and fix your treadmill.

8. ) Lastly, if you determine that your old treadmill just isn't worth it to fix, then make sure you look for a good deal on a new treadmill from a top treadmill equipment maker and be sure to use coupons when making a purchase to save even more money. Find the latest coupons for the top treadmill makers here: NordicTrack coupons, ProForm coupons, Sole Fitness coupons and LiveStrong coupons.



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