How to Help Keep Youself From Catching a Cold or Flu

Measures you can take so you don't catch a cold or flu.
by Updated February 12, 2013

Flu and colds are definitely common conditions during the winter or fall season. Thus, how do you keep yourself away from these illnesses? How do you stay healthy all throughout that time of the year? Well, we have 7 easy steps that you can do for you to keep your family from sneezing and coughing during the upcoming months.

1.) Be informed.

“Never go to war without a weapon.” The first thing that you should do in your fight against colds and flu is for you to get to know more about the “enemy”. You should be aware of the causes of these medical conditions for you to be able to find the perfect remedy.

However, you would still need to go to a doctor and have an initial check up. An influenza virus has more than one strain. Thus, you should only be drinking medicines that are prescribed by a certified health professional if you want to become better not worse.

2.) Keep warm.

Flu or colds are not brought about by low body heat. However, being exposed to a cold environment can make you feel tired and weaken your immune system. When that happens and a cold or flu virus gets into your system, you would certainly find it hard to fight against your illness. Thus, stay warm as much as possible.

Stay in front of a fireplace or make it a habit to drink warm beverages during the cold winter mornings. You can cuddle with your loved ones. Simply do everything you can for you to maintain a high body temperature.

3.) Undergo vaccination.

As we all know, this procedure is the most effective way for you to keep away from colds and flu or for you to experience milder effects. Get vaccinated at least once a year for you to have the most updated kind of prevention. If you have little kids or elders at home, then let them undergo this procedure as soon as possible. These people have weaker immune systems so they need get vaccinated to maintain their health.

However, don’t forget to do some research beforehand about the most suitable vaccination for you and your family. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep that in mind.

4.) Take supplements into consideration.

It would never hurt you to consider taking supplements on a regular basis. If they prove to be effective, then you should grab the opportunity to buy them for you to better protect yourself from flu and colds. However, these things must be approved by your physician as always. This is to prevent you from having greater regrets and hospital bills at the end of the day.

Black tea, probiotics, licorice, Goldensea, coconut oil, andrographis, quercetin, Echinacea, garlic, elderberry, selenium, zinc and vitamin C are just few of the supplements that are ideal for the human body.

5.) Take note of your overall health.

Prevent from smoking too much or better yet, quit this destructive habit now. Smoking can only greatly damage your lungs so if you want to live a longer life, considering throwing those cigarettes for good.

Drink plenty of water. Flu and cold viruses have low resistance to H2O. Thus, they would certainly end up in your gastric region where they would eventually die because of the strong juices that are floating inside your stomach.

Keep away from stress as much as you can. Just so you know, people who feel physically and mentally fatigued are more susceptible to flu and colds so have a worry free life as long as you can manage it. You deserve to fun always remember that.

Moderately exercise on a daily basis. Get those muscles moving. Don’t be a lazy bum and acquire nothing but excess fat as you sit in front of acomputer for the whole day. Have a stronger immune system by following an exercise pattern that you can handle.

Consume nothing but healthy foods. Stay away from foods filled with sugar and fat. You would have to eat less of processed products as well. Consume more grains, fruits and vegetables instead for they are good for your whole body. They may not be as sweet as your favorite desserts but they can certainly protect you from most kinds of illnesses.

6.) Stay away from the source of virus.

If one of your family members has unexpectedly caught a flu or cold, then temporarily stay away from that person. Have him or her isolated from everybody else, to keep the virus from spreading inside your household. You can still take care of the infected member of your family but it would be best for you to wear a protective mask when you enter his or her room.

If you’re the one who has caught the virus, then excuse yourself from work. Don’t force yourself to go out of bed for you would only feel more tired at the end of the day and you would only bring the virus into your workplce.

7.) Maintain proper hygiene.

Have wipes (antiseptic) or gel with you at all times. This product would certainly come handy if you can’t find a bathroom around. If you want to maintain your hand’s smooth skin, then purchase a hand cleaner that’s alcohol based.

Have a clean home during the winter or fall season. Wipe your computer’s keyboard, light switches, remote controls, kitchen sinks, telephones, door knobs, walls, floors etc. Do this on a daily basis for you to prevent viruses from sticking to them and getting into the immune system of your family members.

Let each family member have his or her own towel. This is to prevent germs and other harmful elements from spreading around your home. If you have a family member who is sick, then opt for kitchen towels.

If your little kids share their toys all the time, then wash these objects whether they get sick or not. Shared items inside your home should be clean at all times to keep them away from viral germs.



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