How to Avoid Getting Sick from a Cold or the Flu

Some of the best ways to avoid from catching a cold or the flu.

A strong immune system can certainly keep you away from having flu and colds. Thus, below are a few activities that can help you achieve just that.

1.) Be an easy going type of person and be content with the life that you have. These practices may require you to change the way you see life or your perception but it does have some healthy effects on your immune system too. By having fewer worries, less cortisol (hormone) will be released by your body. Hence, a stronger immune system can all be yours so try to be optimistic at all times.

2.) Keep your eyes from acquiring bacteria that can cause you to get the flu or a cold. Wear any type of glasses that greatly protect your eyes from foreign objects. If you can’t afford to buy them, then you can just squint or totally close your eyes whenever you’re in places full of people. Remember, any person can have a cold or flu so you have to be careful with whom you mingle with.

3.) Bacteria can be anywhere. They can be found on shopping carts, gas pump handles or even in door handles. Thus, it would be best for you to have a liquid sanitizer handy. Wash your hands as often as you can to get rid of any bacteria.

4.) Consume nutritional supplements on a regular basis. Let’s face it. We can’t really eat everything that’s prescribed in the food pyramid in one sitting. Thus, we have to make up for whatever nutrient or mineral that we lack for the day. This is the part when supplements can really be of great help especially for people who are always on the run.

5.) Have a diet that’s completely balanced. Consume foods rich in carbohydrates and don’t forget to include protein rich foods in your meals as well as healthy fats such as almonds. This is the most effective way for you to strengthen your immune system.

6.) Refrain from eating sugary sweet foods or drinks. They’re not good for your teeth as well.

7.) Don’t forget to exercise on a daily basis. A half hour walk would do. Exercise routines can certainly help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

8.) Stay hydrated. Drink the right amount of water needed by your body. By doing so, you are helping your system efficiently release all the toxins from your organs and evenly distribute the vitamins and minerals that you need.

9.) Have a regular sleeping pattern.

10.) Keep your whole family healthy. Let them follow all of the steps above to prevent each one of you from catching the flu or getting a cold.



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