How to Use Alcohol to Beat a Cold

Can alcohol really be used to help beat a Cold?

It may sound like a joke, but alcohol can definitely lessen the effects of a cold or help prevent you from experiencing one. How is that possible? Well,read further for you to learn how.

1.) When winter comes, have a healthy supply of alcohol inside your home. However, don’t drink too much. Just keep things in moderation for you to prevent from having one problem on top of another. If you want to acquire anti-oxidants in your body, then you can drink wine instead. Nevertheless, both beverages can keep you from catching a cold.

2.) If you already have a cold, then you can still drink whiskey or brandy to relieve you from feeling stuffed up and from that irritating sore throat that usually comes with this condition. Just don’t forget to take your medicines as well.

3.) Be a sensible drinker. Drink only the amount of alcohol needed for you to keep away from a cold or for you to be relieved from its symptoms. Don’t drink like it’s the end of the world. Don’t be an alcoholic as much as possible because that condition is more difficult to cure compared to a simple cold.

Additional Tips:

If you are taking syrups, herbal medicines or tablets to cure your cold, then make sure that they would compliment well with alcohol. You should stay away from acquiring side effects that could be dangerous to your own health.

Don’t treat alcohol as an alternative to medicine. Continue to take the drugs prescribed by your doctor.

Don’t force someone who has a cold to drink alcohol. It must be of his or her will to take the liquor. Alcohol is also not recommended for immuno-suppressed individuals and little kids as well.



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