How to Exercise at Your Computer Desk

Get in a mini workout while sitting at your computer.

Sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time due to work or school projects can actually make you unhealthy. It can give you eye problems and can certainly give you poor posture. However, you can actually prevent all of those things from happening. Keep reading to find out how.

1.) Hydrate your body. Place a bottle of water or any beverage of your choice on top of your desk for you to be able to drink it any time you want. These substances can certainly help you stay alert all throughout your day. If you run out of water, then walk to the refilling station in your office for you to have a bit of exercise as well. If it’s your day off from work or school, then continue to drink at least 8 glasses of water.

2.) Breathe deeply once in a while .Hold your breath for 10 seconds and eventually release it. This method would certainly do well for the muscles in your abdomen. If you can go outside of your office, then do so. This is for you to release any tension that’s stressing your body out.

3.) If you want to perform some exercises as you sit during the day, then you can purchase a stability ball desk chair or just a stability ball itself. If you don’t have any money to spend for those products yet, then you can also go for cheaper alternatives such as elastic bands and a hand gripper. These items would certainly help you in increasing the strength of your forearms.

4.) If you are waiting for a huge document to be downloaded to your PC or if you are restarting your unit, then walk briskly around your station. Make use of your idle time. Perform sit ups or even push ups without disturbing your colleagues.

5.) Once in a while, look at other things aside from the screen in front of you. You can glance at your crush inside the office but make sure that you don’t get distracted by him or her since you basically have work to do. You can even look at the scenery outside your workplace if you are situated near a window. Just don’t stay too glued to your monitor all day.

6.) Walk inside your cubicle or even around the room every 30 minutes or every hour. You would need to do this step to maintain the proper circulation of blood all throughout your body. If you are given the chance to enjoy a longer break, then make use of it and get outside of your office for some fresh air.

7.) Stretch your upper torso, neck, legs and arms. Work on your calves, abdomen, chest, ankles, wrists, arms and shoulders as well. You want to do everything you can to prevent youself from getting tired or falling asleep.

8.) Maintain proper posture. We know that it’s not the easiest thing to do especially when you’re starting to feel tired from all those paper works but you would have to do this for your own health. Have a straight back and pin your feet to the ground. Don’t just place them anywhere you want.

If you work at these steps everyday, you should start feeling better while working at your computer and your body will thank you for it!



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