How to Burn 100 Calories in Less than 45 Minutes

Ideas to burn 100 calories if you have ten, twenty, or thirty minutes to spare.

Do you have less than 45 minutes to spare a day? Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore that you have to drag yourself to do – it can be simple bursts of activity that allow you to burn calories without even having to think about it and while doing things you may already need to do.

If you have ten minutes to spare…

- Grab a skipping rope and jump for a solid ten minutes. You will burn just over 100 calories while giving your legs a short but effective training session.

- Drink eight 16 oz. glasses of ice cold water throughout the day. Your body will have to produce energy, meaning burn calories, to warm the water up to body temperature for digestive purposes.

- Have three cups of green tea every day for a thermogenic boost that will help you burn about 100 calories within a 24 hour window.

If you have fifteen minutes to spare…

- Try running up and down stairs for fifteen minutes for a quick cardiovascular session.

- Take a power walk around the block after your lunch or dinner for a quick 100 calories gone and a jumpstart on digestion.

- Take the kids for a rollerblade session for a power workout with lots of family fun.

If you have twenty minutes to spare…

- Play an intense game of Wii tennis with a friend or child. Only you will know you are actually getting exercise.

- Relieve stress by practicing a variety of yoga positions for about twenty minutes. Focus on your breathing to help relieve tension.

- Work outside, either weeding the garden or mowing the lawn (with a push mower) to get housework done while burning some extra calories at the same time.

If you have thirty minutes to spare…

- Spend 25 – 30 minutes spent vacuuming, sweeping, and moping the floors can burn over 100 calories while keeping you productive and on top of house chores.

- Rent a funny movie and fidget as you watch. Laughing for a solid 25 minutes will burn one hundred calories while fidgeting throughout the movie can burn another 100.

- End off the night with a 25 minute dance with your partner, kids, or just solo for a quick cardio session to your favorite 6 songs.



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