How to Keep Laptop Cooler and Stop Overheating Lap with a Cooling Pad

Use a Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad to keep Laptop from Overheating in Hot Summer Temperatures
by Updated August 21, 2018

Keep Laptop Cool with a Cooling Pad

As my laptop has gotten a few years old, I started noticing it running hotter and louder this summer. This meant that working with the laptop on my lap or on top of a laptop pillow for any extended period of time was especially hot. It's common knowledge that running a computer or laptop at high temperatures for long periods of time can lead to damaged components and a slower computer, so I wanted to find a solution to my hot laptop problem, and help extend the life of my laptop. So in my quest to cool down my laptop and keep it from burning my legs OFF (at first using freezer ice bags), I stumbled upon laptop cooling pads that have fans to help disburse heat and keep a laptop cooler. 

At only around $20 for a laptop cooling pad, I figured I'd give one a shot to see how well they work, and purchased the highly rated Havit HV-F2056 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad. The Havit cooling pad has 3 Fans, an internal blue light, and an extra USB port (2 total). The cooling pad fits my Dell 15" laptop nearly perfect and the cooling pad is pretty darn light, that it's hardly noticeably. It has an On / OFF switch in the back, but I just leave it ON, and when I close down my laptop it automatically stops, and automatically starts when I open up my laptop.

The Havit Laptop Cooling Pad is also very quiet while running and sitting on top of my lap with a laptop on top of it. It's has lots of air openings on the metal grate top that a laptop sits on, and also in the plastic on the bottom and sides, which allow the fans to suck in air, and blow away any heat from a laptop. Fan noise gets a little noticeable if the cooling pad is placed on top of a laptop pillow, since there is less air pathways to be sucked in from the bottom, but it's still really quiet. The one thing I will note, is that the plastic on the bottom is slightly flimsy were the fans are located (due all the air openings), so you want to make sure to pick up the laptop cooling pad with two hands, or you'll risk pushing the fans against the plastic, and the fans buzzing against itself.

Other than that, the Havit cooling pad does a good job at helping to cool down my overheating laptop, and the cooling fans also help to cool down your legs with a little breeze. Overall, I've been pleasantly surprised while using this laptop cooling pad, and would recommend one to anyone who's looking for a way to help cool down a hot laptop or lap.



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