How to Avoid People You Don't Want to Talk To


Now, how do you ignore somebody completely? Giving someone the cold shoulder definitely has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, below are the steps for you to effectively dismiss somebody in your life.

1.) Try talking things out and know the other side of the story. If issues still remain unsolved, then you have no choice but to proceed in ignoring that person. Sometimes, apologies are not already enough to mend broken hearts and wasted trust. You need to know your limits as well.

2.) Say your intentions in a direct manner. You can still stay respectful and polite while doing this step but you have to let the thought completely sink in into the other person’s mind. Ignore his or her messages, emails and calls from that point forward.

3.) This separation can either be temporary or permanent and you two would soon be able to choose the most suited type for your situation.

4.) Never let them grab your mutual friends to help them fix the gap between parties.

5.) If you have a Facebook account, then set it in a way that only your close acquaintances and loved ones would be able to know what’s going on in your life. Keep your personal and contact information hidden. If you really need to indicate your current address, then simply state the name of your town. Don’t give specific details in your account.

6.) If they are harassing you in that social networking website, then you can always report, block or “unfriend” them for you to have a peaceful life.

7.) If they have said something nasty on your face, then know that they’re simply a bunch of insecure people who are not worthy of your attention. If they continue to do what they do, then you can bring matters into court.

8.) Change your daily routine as much as possible for you to prevent from bumping into that person ever again.

9.) Avoid eye contact. Act like they don’t exist. By doing so, they would eventually get over it.

10.) Don’t talk to them even if they try to start a conversation. Walk away when necessary.

11.) Don’t give them any greeting. It doesn’t make it you less of a person especially when it’s their fault.

12.) Cut all the communication lines between the two of you. He or she might shout at you with your colleagues around but you can threat them with a law suit to prevent matters from getting worse. Never be afraid to promote your rights.

13.) Be firm on your decision to ignore this person. No matter what he or she tries to do, don’t ever regret it. You have a long way to go but it’s definitely going to be worth it in the end.

14.) Be ready for your ex friend’s reaction. Let your loved ones and close friends know what you are about to do with this person and if they start questioning, then let them understand the reason as to why you have to do what you have do. Don’t let them get involved in the “war”. Just give them an overview of the situation.

15.) Ignored people can sometimes be too violent, so try to file for a restraining order as soon as possible. It’s important that you stay safe in this whole ordeal.

16.) Occupy your time with fresh hobbies and interests. While you’re doing so, never let these people come over if you really want to start anew.

17.) Once you already done all of the steps mentioned above, then it’s time for you to enjoy your independence! Live a better life without those people.



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