How to Stop Having a Crush on Your Best Friend

Tips to move past the crush on your Best Friend.

Your best friend may show that he or she likes you a lot, but you have to understand that he or she may not show romantic interest in you. It may become impossible not to have a crush on him or her and get over it if you spend a lot of time with him or her. If you’re having trouble getting over your crush on your best friend, read on.  

Move Forward

-          Don’t spend so much time on dwelling on your feelings or being by yourself. Doing so will not make things easier for you and you will just feel worse. Have fun with friends or try learning a new hobby or even a new language. Use this opportunity to hone your skills and set new goals for yourself.

-          Make time to exercise. Visit a gym and schedule workouts. It is a great way to get your mind off that person. Exercising also releases endorphins which make you feel better and happier.

-          Spend more time with your other friends. If you spend time with common friends, you will definitely bump into your best friend. So as not to lose the friendship, limit the time you spend with them and hang out with other friends more. Don’t be afraid to start dating because your best friend is not dating you and vice versa and you are not obligated in any way.

-          Find ways to amuse yourself and see the bright side of things more. Read hilarious comics or books. You can also watch funny movies and videos in the internet.

-          Engage in activities that make you feel attractive and confident. Go and shop for a new outfit or get a new hair-cut. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t use this newfound confidence in hoping your best friend will notice something different about you but rather use it in meeting new people and pursuing other potential relationships.

-          Strongly believe in the fact that there is someone meant for you, and that this person is not your best friend.

Assess the Relationship

-          You have to accept the fact that you two are just friends, and the feelings that you may have for this person may not always be reciprocated. You have a crush on your best friend but this person will act normally when he or she is with you. It will be difficult at first, but if you intend to keep the friendship, acceptance is the key.

-          You have to understand that even though you have been together for a long time, it is not easy for your friendship to turn into a relationship. You may have considered your best friend as more than a friend; however, he or she may not be attracted to you both romantically and physically in the same way.

-          Do something to fall out of love. Think of the traits and qualities of this person that would make not make the relationship work. Ask yourself, is your best friend the type of person who is self-centered and doesn’t consider other people’s feelings? Or wants to talk all the time and doesn’t listen? The saying love is blind applies in this particular case, which is why you have to find a way to open your eyes and see the reality of the situation.

-          Think about how much you have invested in the friendship you two have. Imagine how things will be if ever the two of you dated and became serious but eventually broke up. You not only lose the friendship but also your best friend. Take into consideration the importance of the friendship you have.

-          Try to recall what you have learned from experience. Do you feel that you have tried everything for this friendship to progress into a relationship? Is there anything you might have done differently? Look back and take a look at what you have learned and move forward.

Maintaining a Relationship with Your Best Friend

-          Do not be irritated or get angry with your best friend. He or she probably does not know about your feelings for them so you do not have the right to be upset with him or her. If you show that you are mad or even bitter, your best friend will be compelled to stay away which can damage the friendship rather than save it.

-          Never try to avoid your friend. By doing so, it will only create a certain gap in your relationship as friends.

-          Keep distant, but do not avoid your best friend totally. There is no need to avoid being them but it is better to minimize the time you spend with them to make it easier for you to overcome your feelings for him or her. If you keep staying with him or her, you would just feel awkward and tense around him or her.

-          Tell your best friend that you need some time alone and politely ask them to stop contacting you via SMS, email or even house visits until you feel that it’s okay to be around him or her again. Your best friend should realize your need to recover before returning to just being friends. Sooner or later, it will be easy to go back to where your friendship was if it was really that strong beforehand.

-          Try to avoid going to places you two used to hang out at. Change workstations, take another route to go to your class and avoid the bar you often go to at weekends. By doing so, you have lesser chances of seeing him or her while you are still trying to sort your feelings out.




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really helpful

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