How to Be a Better Best Friend

Ways to be a really great best friend.

How do you become the perfect best friend? Well, there are 5 stages that you would have to go through together with your buddy. However, don’t be afraid. We would be discussing those stages in this article one by one for you to slowly become the one and only best friend that your colleague would ever need.

Stage 1: Self Respect

1.) You must first respect your individuality. After that, your best friend should give you the same level of respect. You must celebrate each other’s uniqueness and not judge one another all the time. You should accept each other’s flaws and simply laugh on each other’s petty mistakes. Never pretend to be someone else because that makes you a liar and someone who is not worthy to be considered as a best friend.

2.) Get to know yourself more. Be aware of your limits and follow them as you go on with life. Remember your beliefs and values for they would help you become a great best friend. Most importantly, learn to love your whole being. Extending care and compassion to another person starts within you. If you haven’t love yourself enough, then you can never perfectly be there for someone.

Stage 2: Being Loyal and Trustworthy

1.) Have your friend’s back. This doesn’t imply that you have to get involved in a royal rumble with your friend’s detractors but you can actually do that if you’re an expert in martial arts. Anyway, just defend your friend in your own way. Protect him or her from people who are simply mean and ruthless.

2.) As for becoming a loyal friend, give your support whenever he or she needs it. If they tell you to just stand by and that they would like to defend themselves on their own, then trust your buddies and know that they are doing the right thing. Simply stay attuned to their feelings and always put yourself in their shoes. It would you understand them better.

3.) How do you gain your friend’s trust? Well, it’s simple. Just bring your best friend’s secrets to your grave. If they have done something bad, then allow them to correct their mistakes. Don’t act before them because it’s their own lives in the first place. As their friend, your role is to guide them to the right path. Nothing more and nothing less.

4.) Trust is something that you would have to keep between you and your best friend. Once it’s lost, then you can never get it back fully. Thus, don’t do anything that would make your best friend feel betrayed. You wouldn’t want to get the same treatment from your closest buddy, believe me. So, just trust each other no matter what happens and always remember that a true friend never hurts the people that he or she loves.

Stage 3: Bonding Time!

1.) Be a good listener. When your friend has something to say, don’t go on telling the other person what happened to your day. Remember this, your friend needs you right now so forget about your own troubles for a while. Give your buddy your undivided attention for him or her to fully appreciate your presence.

2.) Laugh with your best friend. Take the time to relax and have a few funny moments together. Don’t be afraid to do crazy things with your buddy. Time is something that you can never get back so spend each passing second smiling and laughing your heart out. It won’t hurt you to sit down and just talk with your best friend during your day off.

3.) We know that most of you live a very busy life but then quality time with your best friend is something that you will never regret. Your closest buddy is someone that you can completely have fun with. Thus, take a day out of your busy schedule and do things that you both completely enjoy. Just get crazy together and have the best time of your lives!

Stage 4: Genuinely Care For Your Buddy

1.) Appreciate your best friend’s origin. Get to know everyone in their family. Get close to them as each day goes by for they can be your second family if you want to. Introduce yourself nicely and let them get to know you more as well. Form a healthy bond with these people.

2.) If your closest buddy looks sad, then know the root of the problem. If they refuse to talk about it, then just be there to comfort them. Sometimes, you don’t need to talk at all. Simply hug them soundly and assure them that this is just a passing phase. If they tell you what’s wrong, then listen to everything that they’re going to say.

Stage 5: Be Realistic

1.) If you truly love your friend, then you should allow him or her to acquire new friends along the way. If you notice, that he or she is getting closer to one’s new peers, then don’t be afraid to mingle with them. As they always say, the more the merrier. If your friend likes these people, then there’s a great possibility that you would enjoy their company as well.

2.) As time goes by, you might have to go separate ways with your best friend. You might realize that you’re not that compatible with each other but you don’t have to be too sad about it. Be thankful instead that once in your life, you met someone who made you smile and laugh at your loudest. Move on with life and don’t forget what you have learned in stage 1 for you to eventually meet a new best friend.

3.) Don’t expect too much from your friends. They can’t be there for you 24/7 and they have their own opinions so you can’t expect them to sympathize with you all the time. Don’t depend on them too much. You’re old enough to look out for yourself so learn to be independent from time to time.



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