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Why is the phone icon missing from my chat on Facebook?

I will try to keep this as short as possible so I don’t waste your time. I am having issues with Facebook mobile chat.
Whenever I am on my mobile phone, the mobile icon next to my name doesn’t appear, I am just shown as offline.
I have tried uninstalling the Facebook app, along with the Facebook Messenger app and re-installing them again but with no success.
I have an iPhone 3GS and the latest versions of the Facebook app and the Facebook Messenger app.
Any ideas?

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I also have the same issue. My mobile icon on messenger and FB isn't visible for my profile and a few of my friends anymore. The rest of my friends are still there and displaying their "Last Active" time. I have updated my phone to the latest software and apps. Not sure why this is like that. I can't find an answer anywhere.

* * * My suggestion is to please submit feedback to the FB team thru your messenger app. If you have the latest update for messenger (Version 2.0.2) its under settings and "Give Feedback". FB can you hear me?? (LOL)

If anyone has any answers to this, please let us know here.

It might be an app security issue. Either in the web browser FB, or in FB mobile, go to your account drop-down menu & go to "Privacy Settings". Then go down to "Ads, Apps & Websites" and click on 'Edit Settings". Next go into "How people bring your info to apps they use" and click on "Edit Settings".

Make sure you have 'If I'm Online" CHECKED! Otherwise, friends on FB Chat won't be able to see you or vice versa.

After 3 hours of searching I have finally found the answer. On your iPhone FB App go to Privacy Setting-->Apps and Websites, tap Edit Settings then change for a while your current settings ie: I changed it from Friends to Public, went back to Apps and Websites, tapped Edit Settings and changed it to Friends again. Surprisingly it worked :)


Still not working with me, any advise?

I have the same problem. I've tried both suggestions mentioned above and neither have worked. Don't know what else to do...

hey its so simple...after logging out from facebook dnt kill the facebook app...just let it run in the background as it does....if u have enabled "don't keep activities" in developer will kill the app and doesn't show the icon....mine too the same and its fixed now :D

yes i want mobile icon in my chat

Unistall the facebook app and reload it. When you first click on the app it will say your name, click "not you" It will then ask you to enter your email and password. then enter your Mobile number instead of entering email address and then enter password. This fixed it for me!!! After searching everywhere on the internet and not finding anything, I just started playing around with it. Hope it helps!!!

i've tried those message above but they dont work,. now my fb shows that i am online even if i am not,.


I’m not getting the phone icon on my phone on messenger. Why


What worked for me was to go to settings, Apps, messenger then scroll down and untick or swipe off Remove Permission to free up space.
My icons came straight back.

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