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Who can see my last active status in facebook messenger?

In facebook messenger app who can see my last active status? It seems I only can see last active time for certain friends on facebook messenger, and it's not displaying last active for most friends, why?

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It seems like a few weeks ago Facebook changed the Facebook Messenger Last Active times to only show for certain friends. In my case, it seems like facebook is only showing the last active times for friends that facebook considers you to be close with. I only see the last active times for 6 friends right now. 2 of the friends are very close friends, 1 is my brother, 1 is a cousin, 1 is a good friend I grew up with, and 1 is just a friend (not that close with, but went to same high school and college).

All in all, not sure what to make of it, but it seems like Facebook is only showing Last Active times for certain friends now. I have no idea if these same friends get to see my Last Active time, but I do know my dummy Facebook account does not see my Last Active time any more, but it had been showing up a few weeks ago.

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