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Can the last active time on facebook be wrong?

I have a friend who said they don't go on their facebook much, yet their last active time is constantly changing indicating they go on it all the time. Is the time stamp wrong or are they lying?

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The last active time isn't totally accurate, but it's a good indicator of when someone was active on the Facebook app or Facebook messenger app (or messenger desktop). Sometimes you have to refresh to see the most recent active time in the Facebook app. It could be possible that eyour friend is automatically logged onto the Facebook messenger desktop app and doesn't even realize it. Maybe that's why the time is constantly updating. It's also possible that there is a bug with the Last Active time for your friends account. I know I've seen my last active time go away completely for a number of weeks even though I had been using the Facebook app on my phone, but it came back about two weeks ago.

Then there's the other possibility that your friend is not be truthful about how often he goes on Facebook. So I guess you just should take it with a grain of salt, whether he is telling the truth or not.

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