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How do I see when someone was 'last active' on Facebook messenger?

I'm using the Facebook messenger app on IOS 6. I can see when most of my friends were 'last active' but not one friend in particular. Is there a setting somewhere to set this to show up or not?

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I haven't seen or found a setting the enables or disables the Last Active time on the Facebook apps. From my own account, I can only see the last active time for some friends, which I believe Facebook has determined that I'm close with. I know for a fact other friends have iPhones with Facebook app installed and I don't see a time next to their name, even though I did in the past. I think Facebook is continuing to tweak the Last Active time setting for users, so I'm guessing this could change.

With that said, I do know that if someone doesn't use the Facebook app / messenger app for two days, the Last Active time disappears (It use to disappear after 4 days).

I can see most of my friends showing active of the last time they were active on inbox messaging but one friend in particular I can't but could before and another friend can still see this on their phone but I can't anymore why?


There is a third party trick to disabling this option
Maybe they did that

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