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What's the differences between Feelings and Emotions?

How are "Feelings" different from "Emotions"?

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What Are Emotions?

• They are state of consciousness which can be felt internally. However, they can also affect as physically.
• They can be products of external factors or of our own memory and line of thoughts.
• They come from our minds and they can even be felt by our souls.
• They are deeper than feelings for they are states that don’t easily fade away.
• Moreover, since emotions come from the inner core of a human being, a long period of time and a completely new mind set are needed in order for someone to change them.
• Emotions are states that can last a lifetime. They can be in your system forever if you let them. The perfect examples for these emotions are sorrow and love.
• Most common emotions all over the world: fear, sorrow, joy, hate and love.
• Emotions are classified by degree. For example, the lesser degree of hatred is disgust.

What Are Feelings?

• These are things brought about by external factors having conflicts with our emotional beliefs, personal attitude, sensibilities or those having an interaction with our five senses.
• Since feelings are results of external factors, they don’t usually last that long. For example, you can’t be excited all your life. Another one is that you can be startled for a moment but then, you have to move on with the things that you intend to do for the day.
• Feelings are temporary. They can’t have a huge impact in the development of your personality.
• Feelings that are having conflicts with our emotional beliefs: overjoyed, scared, disgusted, nervous, excited, happy, sad
• Sensations that are felt physically: tingly, itchy, ticklish, hurt, thirsty, hungry
• Feelings which have interaction with our five senses: drenched, dusty, dry, hot, cold, warmth

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