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What's the difference between a Dwarf versus a Midget?

What Makes a Midget Different From a Dwarf? What are the similiarties between a midget and a dwarf?

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The Similarity between a Midget and a Dwarf

• They refer to individuals who have heights that are lower than the average

The Things Which Make a Midget Different

• This word has derogatory connotation and it is incorrect politically.
• Being a midget is something that can be inherited from one’s parents.
• This can be caused by lack of proper nutrition as well. Nevertheless, it is not a fatal medical condition.
• The body of a midget is proportioned yet he or she has an extremely short stature.
• A midget can live a normal life without any disabilities.
• Also, a midget can still grow a little bit taller by regularly eating a healthy diet and by taking hormonal supplements.

The Things Which Make a Dwarf Different

• It is a word which doesn’t sound offensive to people who have problems with their height.
• The condition of a dwarf is caused by problems in one’s genetic makeup.
• A person who has this condition has a body which is in proportional. Thus, there’s a possibility that he or she would become disabled in the future.
• As the dwarf grows, he or she can have disorientation with one’s organs, compression of his or her nerves and malformed joints and bones.
• A dwarf usually has tiny hands, extremely short arms yet he or she can have a head size similar to a normal person.
• A dwarf can undergo a limb lengthening surgery for him or her to put a remedy to one’s situation.


If you want to address the condition of someone who has problems with his or her height, then it would be best for you to call that person’s condition as dwarfism. Try not to mention the word midget for you to avoid offending them.

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