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Are There More Than 5 Human Senses?

What is the number of senses that a Human has?

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Our senses actually have minimum number of five and a maximum number of 21. As we all know the 5 basic senses are hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Other experts state that 4 more senses should be added to the ones mentioned above and they are the sense of body position, balance, pain and temperature.

As of now, a sense doesn’t have an exact definition. However, it is usually associated with a particular sense organ. Two senses can be experienced by a person at the same. For example, you are able to hear and see someone who is talking to you.

The Basic Ones

The 5 basic senses are the most popular ones and they certainly help us to know more about the things and events in our lives. For people who have sensory defects, their other senses are greatly enhanced to assist them in their situation like how a blind person can be a very good listener.

The 4 Additional Senses

Nociception – This term defines a person’s capacity to feel pain. It was viewed by experts before as three senses since pain can be experienced in sensory organs, internal organs and on a person’s skin. It was also thought as a sense that falls under the sense of touch.

Thermoception: This word is the given the names “sense of temperature” and “sense of heat”. Like Nociception, it was also mistaken as a sub category of the sense of touch but then, experts realized that an object’s temperature can be perceived with the use of other sensory organs. Thermoception differs depending on whether its source is an internal or external one.

Proprioception: Proprioception is the sense of body position. It has an internal source and it helps law enforcers determine whether a certain driver is drunk or not.

Equilibrioception: This is a person’s sensation for balance. It is determined by an individual’s inner fluids in one’s ear and it can be disrupted if you purposely turn around for several times. Without this type of sensation, we basically wouldn’t be able to walk properly on this planet.

A few experts believe that intuition, thirst and hunger should be acknowledged as senses too but this issue still remains unsettled in the world of science.

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