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Can an Earthquake Be Predicted With Weather Forcasts?

Is it possible to predict an Earthquake by Weather patterns?

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Scientists have long been trying to predict the arrival of an earthquake but until now, there is no possibility of predicting earthquakes. Even during the time of the ancients, where Aristotle walks in this Earth, earthquake prediction studies are already ongoing. According to Aristotle, there was earthquake weather that can possibly predict an earthquake. He identified weather patterns that are very common before earthquake would arrive. But unfortunately, earthquake weather is not true. This is because weather cannot affect earthquake, unlike what Aristotle believed.

Today, we all know that earthquakes are unpredictable and that weather has nothing to do with any earthquake activities that may happen. Weather can only affect on what type of damage an earthquake would bring to a particular place. It can either make the earthquake less destructive or severe.
During the devastating earthquake that happened in San Francisco on 1906, months of heavy rain caused overwhelming damages after the earthquake. This is because the soil has become very soft and the buildings were easily collapsed. Had it not rained for several months, there would be less damage after the earthquake.

New technology is being developed to predict the occurrence of this devastating natural phenomenon. Scientists now look further into predicting earthquake through thermal differentiations via satellite, but unfortunately, it still needs improvement and further studies to make it reliable and accurate. As of now, there is no way of predicting an earthquake.

There are some places that are more prone to earthquakes than others. To be equipped before this dreadful phenomenon would occur, people must be prepared at all times. There are a lot of earthquake safety tips that are readily available online. Some buildings are also constructed in a way that would lessen the impact of the earthquake making it safer for people inside. Knowing all the necessary earthquake preparedness steps would always put one person safe and calm during such events.

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