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What are the Safest Ways To Watch a Solar Eclipse?

Is it possible to watch a solar eclipse without damaging your eyes?

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Solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs on rare occasions. It is often an event that is most anticipated by people because of the uniqueness and beauty mystery it brings. Unfortunately, looking directly at the sun during the eclipse would cause severe damage to the eyes and may lead to blindness. This is because the sun’s harmful UV rays will burn and damage the retina causing eye injury. To prevent this from happening, there are several ways to protect one’s eyes and look at the solar eclipse safely. You can either look at the sun safely or use instruments to project the sun’s image.

Mirrors are perfect instruments to witness a solar eclipse. Mirrors can be used to project the solar eclipse at a surface where it would be safer for the naked eye to observe. A smooth clear wall would be the perfect spot to project the image of the solar eclipse. To do this, the mirror must be covered with a tape, leaving the center spot clear at about 1 inch. Then angle the mirror to the sun and have the image reflected on the wall.

Making a pinhole camera as an instrument to watch the solar eclipse is also safe for the eyes. The materials needed in making a pinhole camera are cardboard and white paper. A small hole must be made in the cardboard or any thick paper and use the white paper to make the adjustments in viewing by holding the white paper under the cardboard. Your position must be facing away from the sun. Through these materials, you can be able to see solar eclipse without risking your eyesight.

The easiest way to witness a solar eclipse is by using eclipse glasses. Through this, you can directly gaze at the sun without damaging your eyes. Welding glasses can also be used as substitute to eclipse glasses.

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