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What is a Candy Striper?

Tell me what a Candy Striper is all about?

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All about a Candy Striper

• This term came to life in the 1940s.
• It used to refer to a young female volunteer who works in a hospital.
• Candy stripers are called that way because of their pinafores. These things certainly look like candy canes with their alternating red and white colors.
• Pinafores are used to be sewn by the females who wore them.
• Any female who is aged 13 to 18 is qualified to become a candy striper.
• Candy stripers are tasked to make patients feel more comfortable with the hospital surroundings.
• They are the ones assigned to deliver meals or mails to the patient.
• They can assist nurses when these professionals have a lot of things to do.
• At a time like this, they can help patients eat their food, read to them when they are bored or help them prepare to leave the hospital once they are already treated.
• They are also assigned to transfer video carts or books to the rooms of patients.
• They transfer medicines, lab specimens and medical documents to units as well.
• They arrange documents and even stay at the hospital’s gift shop or reception area.
• They can be assigned to clean a room under certain circumstances.
• If a candy striper has insurance liability, then he or she is only expected to do clerical duties.
• In 1944, the first candy striper program began in New Jersey’s East Orange General Hospital.
• Candy stripers became more famous from 1950s to 1960s.
• They used to be trained for several months but now, these people can already perform their duties only after a few days of training.
• Moreover, men are now allowed to be candy stripers. However, women are still preferred to take on the job.
• Candy stripers are completely different from nurses since they are only doing voluntary work in hospitals.

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