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What is Distilled Water?

Difference between water and Distilled Water?

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All About Distilled Water:

What is Distilled Water?

• It is considered as purified water
• It is the by-product of the steam from the distillation process. It is the condensed form of that steam once it has finally cooled down
• As mentioned, it is pure water. It doesn’t have any harmful chemical, minerals and gases. It has 7 as its pH level. It only consist of oxygen and hydrogen molecules
• Because of the pure quality of distilled water, it doesn’t have any taste. Thus, if your distilled water tastes like orange, then you should think twice about finishing the whole glass of that water.
• However, this kind of water is not common among households. Only a few people are willing to pay the luxury of distilled water. Most of these people have infants to feed so, they opt for this water for the safety of their children and of their whole family
• It is often used in laboratories where it is needed or industrial companies which don’t want any mineral deposit around their operations
• One of its uses also include the prevention of calcium build-up in steam irons.

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